Welcome to the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District

For nearly 100 years, The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District has worked to make the Middle Rio Grande Valley a good place for farmers to irrigate and a safe place for humans and animals to call home. 

Important Notice to MRGCD Water Users: Water Service Charge

Your MRGCD water service charge assessment will be mailed November 10. For more information on assessment and water rates, visit our assessments page. 

Belen Watershed Project

To learn more about the project, submit comment or view the engineering team’s presentation, click below.

2023 Mill Levy Increase

On Monday, May 8th, 2023, the MRGCD Board of Directors unanimously approved the mill levy increase. MRGCD Customers will first see the mill levy increase on their 2023 tax bill, which goes out in November.

MRGCD Board of Directors Selects New Board Member

El Vado Dam Update

El Vado Dam is the only reservoir MRGCD is currently authorized to store native Rio Grande water. It is currently undergoing an extensive repair operation by the Bureau of Reclamation.  Click here to watch the latest update from the Bureau at the December MRGCD board meeting.

Latest News

2024 Irrigation Season Starts Feb 26

Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District Announces Start of 2024 Irrigation Season Water managers will begin charging the irrigation system on February 26   Albuquerque, NM – Water managers at the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District are preparing for the...

February 2024 Water Outlook Report

This video is a presentation of the February MRGCD water report. The presentation was made during the February board meeting by Anne Marken, who oversees MRGCD's water operations. It covers the water outlook, El Vado Dam/storage, Rio Grande Compact and water supply. 

MRGCD Introduces New Water Gauging Website

This is an instructional video on MRGCD's new water gauge website - it's user friendly and a great way for middle Rio Grande valley water users (and anyone else) to monitor flow data, upstream levels and more. To visit the website: https://mrgcd.onerain.com/

MRGCD Announces New Service Request Process

MRGCD’s Irrigation Systems Operators (ISO) are most in tune with middle Rio Grande valley water users and their needs and expectations. Their focus is working with water users to ensure water is delivered in a timely and equitable fashion. In order to keep ISO’s...

Notice: Socorro Main Canal North Project to Begin Construction

SOCORRO MAIN CANAL NORTH CHANNEL LINING PHASE I The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD) plans to conduct channel lining within the Socorro Main Canal North (Canal), starting from the San Acacia Diversion Dam to Station 60+00± of the Canal. This project...