Outfall Control Structure (OCS) – These structures control the delivery of water to strategic outfalls along the river. The MRGCD currently operates the San Francisco, Lower Peralta #2, Storey, New Belen, Los Chavez, 240, and Alejandro outfalls in the Isleta Reach of the MRG in support of Endangered Species in the summer months.  OCSs allow the District to measure and control how much water is delivered to these habitat sites.  Additional outfalls are being considered through this initiative.

Irrigation Delivery Projects (IDPs) – MRGCD is continuing to improve on our ability to measure water as it moves through our vast array of canals in the Middle Rio Grande. The Irrigation Delivery Projects or IDP initiative is a grant-funded effort to better understand farm irrigation efficiency through the measurement of inflow and outflow of discrete sections of our facilities.  By measuring the inflow and the outflow of a particular section of canal, the MRGCD can then look at the land being irrigated within that section and approach irrigators with financial and technical assistance to improve their on-farm delivery systems, lands and/or practices to be in compliance with the irrigation rate in the MRGCD’s Water Distribution Policy.  Water conserved through this initiative helps the MRGCD meet irrigation demand throughout the District.