Outfall Control Structures (OCS)

The OCS pilot programs are directed at the Rio Grande and District facilities that return unused irrigation water to the river.  Several groundwater drains, and wasteway channels (ends of canals) are being re-engineered to provide ecological benefits to the Bosque and habitat for endangered species.  These return channels have long been an important source of water to the Rio Grande and associated wildlife, especially during drier and low flow periods.  Through the addition of modern control structures, and specific operational plans, they will be made into automated return flow features within our system. The intent of OCS is that as the District delivers water to irrigators, we may also address some critical needs of riverine habitat and species, with little or no additional water cost to our constituents.  For 2020 the District plans to conduct monitoring and surveying at six outfall locations between Isleta Pueblo and the Rio Puerco confluence.  Following baseline data collection and construction of necessary OCS infrastructure, habitat enhancement will take place at these locations as needed.