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April 2024 update: The current river flow is enough to meet the irrigation demand. Irrigation demand is the crop requirement plus the amount of water needed for river conveyance and application to fields.

Irrigation system operators (ISOs) will provide notice of water availability.

Water Distribution Division Vision Statement:

To be recognized in the community for our transparency, integrity, and dedication to distributing water equitably and efficiently to MRGCD irrigators.

Water Supply:

The delivery of irrigation water within the MRGCD is highly dependent on the natural flow of the Rio Grande. At times, supplemental water may be available from storage to minimize the effect of low Rio Grande flow on the irrigation water supply. Click HERE for more information on current river flow and storage conditions.

Rotational Scheduling:

There are times when the water supply is insufficient to meet the needs of all irrigators. During water shortages, the MRGCD schedules irrigation deliveries on a rotational basis. Rotational scheduling is a systematic rotation of water designed for equitable distribution. In rotational scheduling, irrigation intervals depend on supply, demand, and efficiency.

Demand Scheduling:

When the available water supply meets or exceeds the irrigation demand, irrigation deliveries may be provided according to a demand scheduling system. Demand scheduling is intended to provide water users with the right amount of water at the right time to meet the crop demand. In demand scheduling, irrigation intervals depend on efficiency, crop type, soil type, and weather.



MRGCD Scheduling & Delivery Process:


Latest News

March 2024 Water Outlook Report

This video is a presentation of the February MRGCD water report. The presentation was made during the February board meeting by Anne Marken, who oversees MRGCD’s water operations.

MRGCD Construction Update – February 2024

This presentation was given by Alicia Lopez, MRGCD engineering and mapping manager, during the 2024 February board meeting; it highlights major construction projects throughout the District.

2024 Irrigation Season Starts Feb 26

Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District Announces Start of 2024 Irrigation Season Water managers will begin charging the irrigation system on February 26   Albuquerque, NM – Water managers at the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District are preparing for the...

MRGCD Introduces New Water Gauging Website

This is an instructional video on MRGCD’s new water gauge website – it’s user friendly and a great way for middle Rio Grande valley water users (and anyone else) to monitor flow data, upstream levels and more.

The new website can be found here: https://mrgcd.onerain.com/.

Farmers Meeting Informational Video

Beginning in November of 2023, the MRGCD board and staff began visiting counties throughout the District to meet with MRGCD farmers and irrigators. This video is a brief overview of what has been covered at those meetings.