To request a Turnout from MRGCD, please submit a Turnout Application to the MRGCD.  Application may be mailed, or delivered in in person to any MRGCD office.  Applications must include payment of the $50.00 application fee before they will be processed.  Upon receipt of Turnout Applications MRGCD staff inspect the property, survey the relationship of the property to the canal, and determine size of Turnout that will be required, along with the length of connecting pipe required.  The Applicant will then receive a written estimate of the cost to furnish and install The Turnout.  The installation will involve an MRGCD crew excavating the canal bank, placement, and backfilling around the Turnout.  A wood or concrete headwall will be constructed around the Turnout, and a handwheel provided to the Applicant.  Turnout cost is dependent on the size and lenght of the pipe require, but typically ranges between $2000.00 and $4000.00.
The Turnout Application form may also be used to request and Upgrade, Relocation, or Repair to an existing Turnout.  When requesting an Upgrade or Relocation, the Application must also include the $50.00 Application fee before it will be processed.  Repairs to existing Turnouts DO NOT require the $50.00 Application fee.  Turnout applications and cost estimates are base on MRGCD Irrigation Policy that Turnouts must be capable of irrigating at a rate equal to or greater than 1 acre per hour.

To download the Turnout Application, click here.