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The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD) Water Bank was formed by the Board of Directors to promote the beneficial use of water for agriculture, protect water rights and water supply, ensure adequate carriage water, and support aquifer recharge. The Water Bank enables irrigation of productive lands with leased water when water supply is sufficient. When supply is insufficient for all lands, Water Bank leases may be curtailed to protect water rights of other lands within the MRGCD.

For the 2023 irrigation season, the MRGCD will have little storage water available and will depend on whatever natural flow is present in the Rio Grande for irrigation deliveries. Please click here to read an important notice to Water Bank users. It is expected that natural flow will be insufficient to serve all lands of the MRGCD based on water supply forecasts. Additionally, New Mexico carries a large debit under the Rio Grande Compact (Compact). Given the current Compact status the MRGCD is limited in its ability to store water to augment natural flows. Therefore, Water Bank leases will be curtailed for the entire 2023 irrigation season. Please review MRGCD Revised Rule No. 23 regarding curtailment by clicking here. Any Water Bank lessee who illegally irrigates during this curtailment shall be subject to the following penalties set forth in MRGCD Revised Rule No. 23 Section G:

1. The first violation of a curtailment order will require the Water Bank lessee to pay double the normal administrative fee and applicable fee for the first year of any subsequent Water Bank lease

2. A subsequent violation of a curtailment order will result in termination of the Water Bank lease. Future Water Bank leases applied for by the violator will require approval by the Board of Directors.

Exceptions to curtailment may be available through an alternate curtailment location (ACL). ACLs are non-water lands normally under cultivation which may be designated to be curtailed in lieu of equivalent Water Bank lands, allowing Water Bank lands to be irrigated. For more information about ACLs contact the Assessments department at Assessments@mrgcd.us or by calling 505-247-0234.

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Release issued: 08/28/2023 Albuquerque, NM – For the second time in 40 years, the Rio Grande will likely run dry in Albuquerque. High temperatures, lack of rainfall and inability to store adequate supplemental water, have contributed to the onset of a dryer-than-usual...

Important Notice to Corrales Area Water Users

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Important Notice to MRGCD Water Users

Important Notice to MRGCD Water Users Posted: 7.31.2023 The delivery of irrigation water within the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD) is highly dependent on the natural flow of the Rio Grande. Since the end of spring runoff in early July the natural flow...

2023 Proposed Mill Levy Increase

MRGCD BOARD APPROVES 2023 MILL LEVY INCREASE TO HELP PAY FOR CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE Failing infrastructure has become the most significant challenge for the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD) in these water short times. The MRGCD does not have enough...