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Photocopies (per page) Black/White Color  
81/2 x 11 (letter) $0.25 $0.50  
81/2 x 14 (legal) $0.50 $1.00  
11 x 17 (ledger) $0.50 $1.00  
Certification of Copies (per page) $0.50 $0.50  
Oversized Records      
Current Property Maps $3.50 $3.50  
Up to 24′ x 36′ (P&P, Rehab, Historic Maps, etc)  $6.00 $6.00  
Up to 36″ x 48″ $8.00 $8.00  
Full Size Property Map (1″=200′ / 36″x 65″) $10.00 $10.00  
GIS Maps (Conveyances, Boundaries, Standard Products) $10.00 $10.00  
Special Map Requests $40.00 (Min) $40.00 (Min)  
Digital Reproduction (Photographs / Scanned Records) Per Image    
Administrative Cost (Includes DVD if necessary) $2.50    
Reproduction of Image File (JPEG or TIF) 100% quality setting $0.50    
Other Reproduction Fees  Per Page/Item/Record     
MRGCD Board Meeting Minutes $0.25    
MRGCD Board Meeting Audio $5.00    
Bound MRGCD Books / Official Plan Volumes $15.00    
Video Tapes or DVD $15.00    
Digital Records / Lists (Qualified Electors, etc) $5.00 / 1000 records    

Original documents that exist on microfilm or are digital will not be photocopied.  

Permission to reproduce MRGCD documents for publication must be made in the form of a written request (Freedom of Information Act) available on the MRGCD website or in person at the General Office at 1931 Second St., SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102.

All documents must be properly cited and credited in publications or other uses as Courtesy of the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, New Mexico.

All Rights Reserved.


In-House License $200.00
MRGCD/BOR License $200.00
Special Use – Construction
$2500.00 Security Deposit
$200.00 Processing Fee Retained Upon Project Completion
Pumping OUT for Dust Control and Compaction
$200.00 Processing fee
$2.00 per Thousand Gallons
Pumping INTO MRGCD Facilities – Dewatering
$2500.00 Security Deposit
$200.00 Processing Fee Retained Upon Project Completion
Filming/Video Taping
$1000.00 per Day
Certificate of Insurance
Research Activities
No fee
Certificate of Insurance
Special Events
No fee
Certificate of Insurance
Commercial Boating – Property/Gate Access
$300.00 Annual Fee
Certificate of Insurance
Turnout Application $50.00

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