Spring Runoff Preparations & Warnings

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MRGCD Water Officials Warn of Heavier River Flows, Fire Danger

Preparations underway for increase in water, higher temperatures

 When temperatures increase, snow melts and the spring runoff approaches. Officials at the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District are issuing warnings to the public, concerning water and fire safety in areas near the Rio Grande river.

 As temperatures rise, MRGCD water managers say increased river flows, as a result of spring runoff, will become apparent over the next two weeks. “We don’t expect the runoff to last as long as it did last year, however increased river flows always requires proactive work from our team,” said Jason Casuga, MRGCD CEO.

 The MRGCD engineering team is actively inspecting levees and ditch banks throughout the District in preparation for the increased pressure caused by the runoff. Once inspected, if areas of damage are identified, repairs will be scheduled and prioritized as needed. “Ensuring that MRGCD’s levee system is prepared for increased river flows due to spring runoff is part of an important annual process that safeguards water being able to be efficiently delivered throughout the irrigation season,” said Casuga. The public, especially those recreating on or near the Rio Grande should be mindful of heavier and faster flows through  early June.

 With the spring comes increased winds, temperatures and risk of fire. To help minimize human-caused fires, members of the MRGCD maintenance team will be preparing by clearing debris and unlawful campsites within MRGCD’s boundaries. Landowners and those occupying encampments will be made aware of MRGCD’s work in respective areas ahead of time.

 MRGCD Bosque Safety Tips:

  • Notify local law enforcement of illegal camping/encampments
  • Fires are allowed only in grills that are provided in developed recreation sites; users must have enough water to completely douse any fire
  • Use of fireworks or explosive devices of any kind is prohibited
  • Recreational activities are limited to established trails