MRGCD Announces New Service Request Process

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MRGCD’s Irrigation Systems Operators (ISO) are most in tune with middle Rio Grande valley water users and their needs and expectations. Their focus is working with water users to ensure water is delivered in a timely and equitable fashion. In order to keep ISO’s focused on water delivery, we are introducing a new process for service requests. We understand how important a well-working system is to irrigation, for issues like turnout service, earth work, structure repairs or any others affecting your irrigation process, please contact the clerk in your respective Field Office. To find your clerk and contact number click on the Field Office tab at the top of our home page, then select your respective district.

The new process we have in place will allow clerks to immediately enter in and file the service request electronically and assign a number to the request, which can be used as reference for customers. From there, district supervisors will use the information to develop a work plan. The new process keeps track of all service requests and their progress. Water users can contact a clerk at any time to inquire about the status of their service request.