Unlawful Camping at the Bosque

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Unlawful Camping at the Bosque in Los Lunas

The MRGCD has seen an increase in fires, vandalism, illegal dumping, unlawful camping, parked vehicles and encampments throughout the Middle Rio Grande Valley, more noticeably in the Bosque in Los Lunas.

Our team has been working closely with local agencies to formulate a plan to safely and considerately relocate those parking and camping illegally in the area. In preparation of this undertaking, the following steps have been taken:

  • Those camping or parking illegally in the area have been verbally warned that the area is set to be cleared of illegal campers, materials and debris that do not belong in the space.
  • Those camping or parking illegally have been visited by members of the MRGCD team and representatives of several community resource groups. In addition to being made aware of no-camping rules, they have also been made aware of available resources in the area or nearby communities.
  • The MRGCD has continued to repair access gates that have been vandalized, purchase and install additional signage in the area that has been torn down and developed legal notices to issue to those accessing the area unlawfully.

On Thursday, June 27, the MRGCD, along with other local partner agencies, will issue official vacate notices to those camping in the Bosque, in Los Lunas, illegally. Once issued, those who receive the notices, will have three days to vacate the area and remove their belongings. The area will be reassessed beginning Monday, July 1 and arrangements will be made for evacuation of those opting to continue camping in the area and/or removal of remaining belongings and debris.  

Due to the hazardous nature of the site, it may require an outside team to assist in the clean-up as well as training for the MRGCD team members to support the effort. This will be an ongoing, organized project that requires cooperation from many different entities. Please follow www.mrgcd.com and MRGCD’s Facebook page for updates.

View a copy of the letter issued here